Make SMARTER Goals!

A bit of delay, but nevertheless, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A new year, a new you... right? Keeping a new year's resolution is HARD. No matter how determined you are, life happens, and sometimes that means getting side tracked from your goal. The best way to keep yourself in line is to take the time to sit down, and write out your goals. By keeping your goals SMARTER, it helps to outline exactly what you want, and what you need to achieve it! How can goals be SMARTER? Let me show you...

Specific - What EXACTLY do you want to achieve?

Measurable - How can you determine your progress?

Accepted - This must be something YOU want and are ready to commit to.

Recorded - Keep track of what you're doing and how you're doing!

Time constrained - Pick reasonable stop points to check in on yourself.

Evaluated - Continue to assess how you're doing and feeling.

Reversible - Sometimes things out of our control happen, and you need to be flexible to readjusting your goals!

Now that you understand what SMARTER goals are, how can you apply this to yourself?

1. Take 15-20 minutes to sit down and think about what you want.

I want to eat less junk food!

2. Now take that idea, and apply the SMARTER principles...

Specific - I want to eat more homemade food and eat less takeout, especially getting more fruits and vegetables, and finding healthier snack alternatives. I can help do this by planning my meal schedule on the weekend and doing the needed groceries. On days when I'm strapped, I can stop at a grocery store to find fresher alternatives than, say, Tim Hortons.

Measurable - Track $$ spent on eating out every month, and compare to last year.

Accepted - I chose this goal for myself, so I am ready to commit to the steps necessary to achieve this.

Recorded - I will use my weekly menus and check back on weekends to see how good I was, combined with checking my monthly statements on $$ spent on take out.

Time constrained - Try this for a month, and re-evaluate what is and isn't working.

Evaluated - I can do this on a weekly basis, and make sure not to make myself feel bad or guilty if I don't have a good week.

Reversible - I acknowledge that my schedule may not always allow me to have a perfect track record, and I'm ready to "reset" on occasions where I might be side tracked.

This is something anyone can do! It helps you keep your goal in mind, and the steps you need to achieve them! Want help going over and planning your new goals? Send me an email, and I'd be happy to chat!

Take care & keep moving,


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