Are you interested in learning about your health, and steps you can take to lead a healthy and active lifestyle? 

Join Dr. Melissa on Wednesday evenings, for a free seminar, to learn about various topics related to your health and well-being. Seminars will be held at Vi...


It’s simple:

Play other sports you love!

Playing other sports is important for developing different movement strategies, which helps reduce overload of muscles specific to your sport.

It also helps develop different mental and tactical strategies t...


Carbohydrates = ENERGY

Protein = (RE) BUILDING

2+ hours before game time: bigger meal with plenty of fluids (water)

     -   Plate should be:

             -   ½ starch

             -   ¼ protein...

It’s game day! This is the day you look forward to all week… your chance to put everything you’ve learned to practice, show your coaches, parents, teammates how much you’ve learned, how much you love the game… prove to yourself that it’s all worth it. Except today… you...

A bit of delay, but nevertheless, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A new year, a new you... right? Keeping a new year's resolution is HARD. No matter how determined you are, life happens, and sometimes that means getting side tracked from your goal. The best way to keep yourself in lin...

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