What is ASP?

The Athlete Support Program (ASP) is an 8-week online-led program to give you the information and tools you need to work towards your goals. Weekly check-ins are intended to get to know you, what you want and why you want it. As you are guided through this program, I hope you learn more about yourself, what motivates you and how you can effectively implement new behaviours to help you towards your objectives.


ASP is based on our 3 pillars: how you think (mental skills), what you do (physical skills) and how you prepare (recovery and time management). Each of these pillars is instrumental in making you a well-rounded athlete and person.


Whether you have thoughts of one day becoming a professional athlete or are simply looking for a more effective way of reaching your athletic ambitions, ASP is intended to provide you with the structure you need to start actively working towards your goals and dreams. Through online meetings and discussions about your goals, motivation, habits, training, nutrition and sleep, I hope to inspire and encourage you to implement the information provided into your daily life.

Who Am I?

My name is Melissa Corso, I am a Sports Specialist chiropractor. I started playing competitive soccer when I was 12 years old and had dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. It didn’t matter to me that there were no female professional leagues or teams known to me or that I wasn’t very good. Fast-forward a few years, I had gained enough skill to make the Varsity team at the University of Guelph. I played there for 5 years while doing my undergraduate degree in BioMedical Science and my Master degree in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences. To this day, I attribute my success (3 second team All-Star awards, 1 first team All-Star award and one MVP award) to hard work, focus and playing above my level, learning from the players on my team and those I played against. While my mind was set and I was determined to do well, I experienced a number of injuries which led me to the field of chiropractic upon graduation. I wanted to provide young athletes with the information and support to manage their pains and injuries throughout their careers. Something I felt I didn’t receive as a young and even Varsity athlete.


Prior to the start of my chiropractic degree at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, I knew I wanted to pursue graduate studies in Sports Sciences. Two and a half years and a two-day exam later, this goal came true and I became a Chiropractic Sports Fellow. During my time as a chiropractic student my work with elite youth soccer players allowed me to educate athletes about the importance and benefits of strength and conditioning to improve their performance and reduce the risk of injuries. As a licensed chiropractor, I am able to directly impact the performance and recovery of athletes who need support. ASP is my way of going one step further to have an impact on other important aspects of the athlete such as mental skills and recovery. As a young athlete I searched for the information myself, today, I hope to be a resource for others to support them on their journey.