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Vishnu, 26

Dr. Melissa provided me with a few stretches to do at home and had me come in once a week to assess how the injury was progressing and provide additional treatment. I was able to see improvements every week and even while playing soccer. I used to be hesitant going into certain plays because I wasn't sure how stable my knee was, however, after seeing Dr. Melissa, I saw huge improvements in my mobility as well as increased strength around my knee. She's very knowledgeable in her field and I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from any time of pain or injuries.


Ruffolo Family;

Olivia, 15, Sophia, 10

Melissa provides an exceptional level of care for the athletes in our family. Her high performance mentality focuses not only on treating an injury but also establishing a complete program to maximize athletic achievement. But what we would say completely differentiates Melissa is her proactive and personal approach. She genuinely cares very much about her patients and always checks in with us to see if we need any support.

Isabella, 16

Despite the difficulties that my case of injuries brought, Dr. Melissa never failed to provide me with the most effective treatment plans. Going through three injuries at once is a lot for a 16-year-old girl to deal with; however, seeing Dr. Melissa’s confidence in her own treatment plans and my ability of making a full recovery truly guided me through this process. No matter how much I threw at Dr. Melissa, she always made sure that I was receiving the most effective and efficient treatment. Months later I am feeling healthier than ever, and I owe it all to Dr. Melissa.

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